Mentorship Program

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Mentorship Program

Providing mentorship to PMHNP students, new grads and practicing PMHNPs.

Two Program Options:

Option A: A One time, 60 minute consultation at a scheduled appointment time via Zoom to discuss particularly challenging case/cases, diagnosis, treatment planning and medication management options and community resources etc. This option is appropriate for review of cases where the patient is stable and without acute safety concerns.
Rate: $200/hour

Option B: Monthly membership package that allows real time access to Mentor/Provider to discuss cases with urgent or emergent concerns that cannot wait for an appointment to schedule a consultation or that need clinical decision making ASAP. The mentee would be provided personal access to the supervisor via cell phone and secure email. This package is beneficial to the patient as there is no delay in care while awaiting consultation and beneficial to the provider who does not have to wait for consultation while worrying “did I do all the right things?”
Rate: $750/month